Believing in unlimited possibilities, we are always ready to bring to life what is envisioned to our events. Whether you are planning an event for thousands or you need a branded experience in any of our events, Pulse Active has the broad experience, creative power and strategic thinking you need. Right from the start, we set the stage for a groundbreaking event.


Research, target understanding, competitor analysis and trends exploration help us to create meaningful events as well as identify the best opportunities for brands to engage with participants.


We are an idea-driven business fueled by the pursuit of change. We aim to make our participant live new experiences so that those have a deeper positive impact.


It’s not just about strategy and creativity, those needs to be combined with a strong focus on the participant experience. This is key to increase our event returning rate and build a lasting engaging feeling towards your brand.

We always Work-Hard to produce the contents which offers the rich experiences for user.


What do we offer?

We provide full-service solutions for concept & theme development, staffing, crisis management, production & execution.

We bring creativity, passion & quality to every event.


What do we offer?

We power your brands.

We ensure your event has the most incredible impact.

We offer brand strategy, brand consultancy, public relations, digital marketing, media, social media planning/support campaigns, and strategic partnerships.


What do we offer?

We create unforgettable, unique brand experiences anywhere customers engage your Brand thereby securing brand partiality, loyalty, as well as an increase of sales.

We consult our sponsors & partners to plan tailored strategies while aligning with business objectives through massive brand exposure and a great opportunity to engage with potential customers.


What do we offer?

We provide all of the online registration and ticketing tools to help you create your payment service from online to offline.


What do we offer?

We offer a unique, innovative and non-traditional loyalty platform for our valued partners: Consumer Data Analysis, Loyalty Points, Loyalty Campaign Creation, Marketing Automation, Incentives Program,  Affiliate Marketing or Loyalty System Customisation

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